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Commercial Solar Panels

Solar panels are not solely suitable for domestic properties. Businesses can take advantage of everything that solar energy has to offer too!

As UK leaders in the development and supply of renewable energy products and equipment, Stoves & Solar can provide all sorts of enterprises around the country with solar energy solutions. If you run a commercial business, an industrial firm, a not-for-profit organisation, or you’re in the Public Sector, investing in commercial solar panels will help you to do ALL of the below:

· ✔ Save money by lowering your energy bills

· ✔ Reduce your Carbon Footprint

· ✔ Enhance your reputation as a ‘company with a conscience’ by harnessing a natural resource to heat the rooms and water supply at your premises. This could help engender a positive commitment towards your brand from your existing customers, and potential new ones

· ✔ Add value to your premises, and – if you own and rent out a number of properties used by other firms (offices, factories, retail units, other sites) – see their collective value increase

· ✔ Make money from solar energy (and quickly recoup the commercial solar panel cost) by selling any unused energy you create back to the government.

a solar pv array on farmland

A hassle-free option in so many ways

What’s also great about opting for solar energy is that installation will create little or no disruption to the day-to-day running of your usual business operations. Once installed, very little maintenance is required, and no cleaning is usually necessary (angle-fitted panels ‘self-clean’ simply by using rainwater).

A fossil fuel burning-free atmosphere can only be good for you and your staff, of course, as solar energy is clean as well as being wonderfully green, and therefore people- as well as planet-friendly.

About planning permission

Can any business opt for commercial solar panels which are quick and easy to install? Well, it is rare that planning permission is refused, but before you purchase your panels and any required ancillary equipment from us, do get in touch with your Local Planning Authority just to be sure.

Contact Stoves & Solar today

If you’re looking for solar panels for commercial buildings or industrial solar panels, Stoves & Solar can work with you to find the optimal setup for maximal effectiveness.

Our range include solar panels for hot water production, as well as commercial solar panels for energy and heat production.

We are experienced sellers and installers of commercial solar panels, and are well-positioned to help your business make a positive contribution to the green economy.

We have a broad online shop to take a look through, so start your journey towards becoming a greener business today with Stoves & Solar.


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