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Tackling solar power myths - Setting the record straight

Blue sky with sunshine and white clouds

The benefits of renewable, sustainable energy should be pretty well known by now. Finding alternatives to traditional energy sources and replacing them with green energy solutions will set our society on a better footing moving forwards.

There’s plenty of evidence to show how beneficial solar power can be. Governments are pumping millions into their solar power initiatives, as they look to take advantage of the earth’s natural energy sources.

But despite such benefits, there are still some reasons that people identify as to why they haven’t yet embraced solar power.

To help further spread awareness of the benefits of solar power and allay some of the fears or concerns people may have about it, we have put together this blog explaining five myths around solar power.

Read on and get the full picture on what’s what when it comes to solar power.

Myth #1 - It won’t help the environment

A series of solar panels on a snowy bank

Strange as it may seem, some people simply are not convinced that solar power is a better solution for the environment.

The deal with solar power is that it offers an alternative to fossil fuels. The burning of fossil fuels has a majorly damaging effect on the environment. This process releases carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases, and these are contributory to accelerating global warming and climate change.

Therefore using solar energy, which doesn’t release such negative gases but instead creates usable power, is a much better option for the environment.

So it’s not so much a case of solar power directly helping the environment. But it is an alternative to sources of energy that do have a negative impact on the environment.

Myth #2 - The UK doesn’t get much sun

We have to admit that this myth has a reasonable basis, given the often inclement weather we seem to have to endure here in the UK.

But sun and warm temperatures don’t necessarily correlate. In the UK, there are an average of 1493 hours of sunshine every year. That’s plenty of solar energy acquisition opportunities and chances to produce electricity and power for your home.

Myth #3 - Cloudy days means no solar energy

Clouds rolling in over a bright sky

It’s logical that the cloudy days we have can impact solar energy production. Despite what you might think, PV solar panels can gain energy on cloudy days.

This is a fairly common solar energy myth. But while solar energy levels are lowered when cloudy weather is present, it’s still possible to get energy from the sun through the clouds.

Myth #4 - Solar power is only for the house

Solar panels under a sunny blue sky

Solar power is a great way to add additional energy to your home, but can also be used for other things.

You can use solar power for outhouses and summer houses, using their outdoor location to get the full benefit of the sun’s rays.

And you can even buy items such as solar powered car batteries, allowing for you to take advantage of solar power to boost your transportation options too. We have a great selection of solar products for you to browse through.

Myth #5 - Solar power technology is not affordable

Stoves & Solar’s range of solar panel technology

The fifth and final myth we are busting in this blog is the common misconception that buying solar powered technology is not an affordable thing for the average household.

But the beauty of solar power is that you can embrace it in different ways and to different degrees.

Granted, there’s an initial cost for the technology in question. But the savings you can make to your typical energy bills can quickly cover these costs and then help you save money in the long run.

Take a look through our online store and start to think about how an investment in solar power can help you manage your energy bills in 2022.

Shop with Stoves & Solar

Stoves & Solar has a superb range of solar power solutions for you to look through and purchase. These include photovoltaic solar panels and solar panels for hot water production.

Our range also includes technologies for off grid systems and wood stoves.

Browse through our range and if you have any questions, be sure to contact the Stoves & Solar team.

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