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Jun 16, 2021
In Solar Thermal / Hot Water
I just moved into a house yesterday that has a solar thermal system installed. I was wondering if anyone is familiar with the system and could tell me anything about it as I have no idea about solar systems. I have attached pictures of the equipment which is in a cupboard upstairs and as far as I’m aware, the boiler keeps the cylinder topped up with hot and water which supplies the taps/shower, but the central heating draws hot water directly from the boiler. When it’s sunny enough, the panels kick in and they also feed into the hot water tank. Does that sound right? According to the previous owner, it hasn't been serviced recently and the control panel said there was a gas lock, so the system isn't currently functional. Is this actually a decent system that will usually save money? Just want to make sure it’s worth getting it all up and running as I imagine Kingspan charge a lot to get it sorted. Do I need to have much input or does it function independently? Do Kingspan have to be the ones who service it and is this generally straightforward? Any advice would be appreciated.
Moved into a house that has a Kingspan solar thermal system content media


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