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May 22, 2021
In Biomass
I replaced an open fire with a second hand WBS which I restored. During this I discovered it had a wraparound boiler; Hunter Herald 14 “wet”, Mark 1. I had no intent to initially buy a boiler stove or to connect it to a heating system, now I like the idea. My knowledge comes from the Herald manual found online and reading sites such as this – very informative but somewhat complicated. My initial idea is a simple system to provide a boost or replace (when WBS is lit) the central heating only. The information I have gleaned suggests various somewhat contradictory systems; · Hunters suggest a neutraliser with a thermal store. · Another website recommended two independent systems. As the Combi boiler is at least 10 years old and only two (of nine) radiators are type 22, most single panel only, I am thinking a complete upgrade is warranted. So, I am inclined to do this, and use a neutraliser. Other upgrades on going or proposed are; 1. Double the insulation in the converted attic and eves – completed now 200mm minimum. 2. There is a full cellar with no insulation, with a stone floor – insulate cellar ceiling between joists – ongoing. Future plan - remove stone floor and insulate including outside walls then install UFH. Combi is located in old coal cellar, under stone steps, not planning on relocating it. House is mid-terrace 1890s approx. 45m floor area, walls solid stone up to 500mm thick, east aspect, no garden back yard only. Cellar, ground floor, first floor with bathroom and attic. The house has no F&E tank, mains water supplies Combi direct with good pressure, I think a F&E in attic feasible, supply pipe work from bathroom below. Would employ a four-tapping system, with an anti-boil flow running vertically to attic, with heat sink radiator but would prefer to install radiator in bathroom. The problem being WBS is about 7m away horizontally, so not feasible? Is a TS necessary? I have read that no valves are to be installed on anti-boil line, so how is heat flow directed to radiators only? I understand principle of the low/high thermostats and thermo syphon. If a future UFH is installed I think this could be added to the return flow? But I assume a pump would be necessary as would be at least 2m below return to the WBS? If fitted where should a neutraliser be installed? Also, what neutraliser is most suitable/best? Dunsley, ESSE, 3-in-1, other? Thanks in advance.


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