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Jan 24, 2022
In Solar Thermal / Hot Water
Hi everyone and thanks in advance for any help on the following issue. I have an evacuated tube Solar Heating system that was purchased from Navitron around 7 years ago and installed & setup under the Guidance of a very good friend at house in a remote part of Spain (which is making it very difficult to get anyone locally to come out and take a look). Sadly, my friend passed away very unexpectedly around a year ago and he would normally have been there to help me fix it (he lived in Spain). The system has 3 banks of Evacuated Tubes that provide heat to the Pool in Summer (via a heat exchange), and then to a Radiator in the house during winter, and is controlled by a Sorel LTDC controller. The problem I have is that due to Covid travel restrictions and some Power issues at the house, the system has not been running for many months and has no doubt been getting very very hot. Last week I was able to get to the house and when I turned it on it took forever to get any heat into the radiator I could hear loads of gurgling/bubbling from the pipes that feed the Radiator. When the Rad did start to warm up it was only in One corner, and not the whole thing (I did try to bleed it, but only a little air came out). I think the system pressure is too low (currently around 0.2Bar) and I am worried that the system may have also cooked as it's not been circulating. Just to make matters worse the Sorel controller now has a blank screen and I am unable to view/change any settings. I did turn the system off again for a day to see if this sorted the Sorel display (which it didn't), and when I turned it back on the circulation pump was continually running, but there was no heat going to the Radiator or Pool heater matrix . As a test I did take off the centre screw in the pump and water was dribbling out. The pump itself was also warm, but the pipes to/from it were cold. So, what Im trying to find out is: a) Is there a process to re-set a system after its been sat doormant for an extended time b) What Pressure should the system be? c) How do I add more fluid/pressure? d) Any idea if the Sorel is buggered? e) Any advice at all on what I can do/check. Hopefully the pictures I have added will help explain the setup further. Cheers Steve
Please help. Navitron system not working after being offline for 6 months in Spain content media


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