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Jun 15, 2021
In Green Building & Design
I have installed a full building management system (KNX) in our new self build home and as I now ready to install the solar thermal system I would like to know if there is a controller that will integrate with KNX (Eibus) bms ?. im planning to install the Navitron 5830AL solar tubes and dual line pump with pwm control but I note that they are 3/4 fittings and I have already installed 13mm copper pipe, whilst it’s easy to fit a reducer will this cause any flow difficulties/ reductions in the system (total pipe run from/to collector location is 12m with 4 x 90 deg bends) my system is a solo inova 45kw gassification log boiler feeding a 3000ltr buffer tank (both located in a plant room) This buffer transfers to a centrally located Akvaterm 500 solar supplying the UFH and DHW for the dwelling.


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