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Solar Panels for your Home, Business or Swimming Pool

Use evacuated tube panels to heat your water supplies Evacuated tube panels are one of the most popular type of solar panels used for water heating. They usually consist of multiple glass tubes forming a vacuum between (like a thermos flask) that help with better heat retention. Besides having a long lifespan, this type of solar panel is also one of the most efficient, as it starts accumulating the sun’s energy from the earliest hours of daylight, whilst minimising heat losses during the night. This is why evacuated tube panels work perfectly in cloudier climates as well, remaining an efficient option for water heating throughout the entire year. Discover Stoves & Solar’s extensive range of evacuated tube panels We offer an extensive selection of evacuated tube solar panels that come in different sizes, making them suitable for almost any volume of hot water cylinder. Whether you need something for your home or your business premises, we’ve got the right product for you! We also offer spare solar tubes. You can choose between 47mm and 58mm, and they are available with or without a heat pipe. Enjoy the benefits starting today! You can now use solar power to cut your carbon footprint, alongside your electricity bills, as our evacuated tube panels can provide you with free hot water for at least 6 months of the year. This cost-efficient type of solar panels can also be used for commercial solar water heating applications and it doesn’t require any maintenance. In case of a tube getting broken, it can easily be replaced without compromising the rest of the system. Last, but not least, installing evacuated tube panels is considered ‘permitted development’ in most cases, which means that most likely you do not need to apply for planning permission. However, we advise all our customers to check with their Local Authority beforehand. To find out more about our excellent range of evacuated tube panels and any other installation details, don’t hesitate to e-mail

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