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Solar Pipework & Fittings

Reduce installation time with the right pipework and fittings At Stoves & Solar, the leading UK suppliers of renewable technology, you’ll find everything you need to go green. If you’ve decided to buy and install solar panels for water heating, then you’re also going to need the right pipework and plumbing fittings to help you with the installation process. Using the right technology and accessories can significantly reduce the time spent on installing your solar panels, so it’s definitely worth investing in the right tools you need. Explore Stoves & Solar’s excellent range of solar pipework and plumbing fittings We offer an extensive range of high quality solar pipework, including an excellent tool kit for Twinsol pipework, a selection of various Twinsol pre-insulated flexible stainless pipes and other essential pipework accessories. We also have the right fitting kit you need in case you’re using 10mm copper pipework on your Solar Panel plumbing, as well as many other individual plumbing fittings. If you’re not entirely sure what pipework or fittings you need, don’t hesitate to contact us: Learn more about Stoves & Solar’s network of experienced installers If you’re looking for someone to install your newly purchased solar panels, then Stoves & Solar’s large network of experienced installers who are located across the UK is the right place for you. Furthermore, if you’re interested in becoming an installer, we also offer approved solar thermal installer training courses.

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