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Solar Heat Exchangers for Swimming Pools

Use Pool Heat Exchangers to heat your swimming pool Solar panels are often used for many purposes, including water heating, but in the case of swimming pools that use salt or chlorine to purify the water, they are not enough on their own. Instead, you can use them in combination with a pool heat exchanger to warm up the water in your swimming pool. More precisely, a Pool Heat Exchanger represents a very useful system that can transfer the heat from the outside to the water in the swimming pool. Discover Stoves & Solar’s excellent range of Pool Heat Exchangers Made from stainless steel, our pool heat exchangers are ready to be fit to any swimming pool and start heating up the water. They come in various sizes, reaching up to 460 000btu. If you need a pool heat exchanger for solar use, make sure to pick one that is rated at least one size larger than what you would normally choose for a conventional heat source. Learn more about renewable technologies used for water heating Pool Heat Exchangers are just one of the renewable technologies used for water heating, with many more being available. Browse our website to discover the rest and learn more about the benefits of going green (such as saving money AND the planet!). Besides supplying a large variety of renewable technologies, we also offer all the products you need to install them. And if you’re not a DIY enthusiast, don’t worry. You can access our large network of experienced installers located across the UK, who can sort out the installation process for you.

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