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Solar PV Ancillaries

All The Solar PV Accessories You Need To Make The Most Of Your Solar PV System Sunlight is our most abundant energy source. The photovoltaic (PV) process converts it directly into direct current (DC) electricity. No moving parts are needed – so there’s very little maintenance - and the electricity is generated without emissions or noise. For a complete solar PV system you’ll not only need panels and mounts, but also cables, battery storage, battery chargers and controllers, inverters and accessories. Our range of solar PV accessories includes everything from a useful orienteering compass to easily identify north and south to a complete test kit for PV installations. We have handy sets of male and female 4mm MC4 electrical connectors so you can easily create strings of PV panels. We also have pre-wired MC4 fittings with two metres of PV connection cable to connect your DC isolator to the grid-tie inverter. To manually isolate your whole PV array during installation or maintenance, or if you plan to connect to the grid, we have DC and alternating current (AC) lockable isolators. You can use a pyranometer to measure solar energy on a flat surface, so it’s a useful device for monitoring your system’s performance and to help you position your solar PV panels for maximum efficiency. To make sure your measurements are accurate we can provide a leveling base to use with the mounting stand. Why not make the most of any excess power from your PV system by diverting it to your immersion heater? Get in touch if you would like any additional information or advice.

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