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Padlockable DC Isolator as required by G83 grid-connection regulations.

Design Guide:
Suitable for up to 4kW PV Arrays with strings up to 20x Navitron Panels (21.6Voc Rating)
Suitable for up to 3.3kW PV Arrays with strings up to 23x Navitron Panels (21.6Voc Rating)

All grid-connected generation systems (wind, PV, Hydro, CHP) must have G83 Grid-connection equipment, and must include a DC isolator on the DC side of the grid-tie inverter, and an AC-isolator on the AC side of the grid tie inverter.

AC isolators available separately (see our other listings). We can supply AC and DC Isolators up to 315Amp, and in voltage ratings up to 800v - please contact for details

Current Rating: 16A Rating @450v (or derated at higher voltage ie 12A@500v)
Maximum Open-Circuit Voltage of Generator (eg PV array) - 575v (for 16A systems) or 520A (for 12A systems)
Suitable for PV arrays up to 4kWp
Rated Voltage: 450v
Maximum Rated Voltage: 500v
Rated Insulation Voltage: 690v
Maximum Wire Thickness: Single Strand - 6mm2
Multistrand - 4mm2
Maximum Ambient Temperature: 50C (will withstand 55C peaks)

IP66 - rated
IP67- rated
Recommended Terminal Screw Tightening Torque 1.25Nm
Recommended Insulation-Stripping length on cable - 9mm
Box Dimensions: 160mm x 82mm x 85mm
Mounting Screws (upperLower) Centres - 150mm

DC Isolator

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