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Solar Pumps and Pumpstations

A range of pumps and pumpstations Operating a solar thermal system at your home or business premises needs to be quick and easy – just like solar panel installation! We at Stoves & Solar realise that there is no point in investing in a solar energy solution (creating clean green energy simply by using an abundance and free resource: the Sun), if - once all your equipment is in place and up-and-running - operating it becomes time-consuming and labour intensive. We only make available for customers to buy single and dual line Pumping Stations (with all the essential components built in) that are purposely designed to be easy to understand, easy to use, and not dangerous to install or operate. The pre-formed insulated covers offer all the necessary protection, but can be opened for whenever access to the internal components is required.  Still not quite sure which Sorel Solar Controller/PumpStation you need? Simply get in touch with one of our friendly team!

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