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Sorel Solar Thermal Controllers

Stoves & Solar can offer you an extensive choice of fully assembled and tested solar controllers and single and dual line pumping stations, at competitive prices. These devices allow you to remarkably reduce your energy consumption as well as giving you total control over your solar energy solution (in both domestic and commercial settings). And, because the controllers and pumping stations are completely pre-assembled, that makes them quick and easy to install.  Go on. Optimise your output! Sorel Solar Controllers allow you to easily manage and optimise the output of your chosen solar energy solution, meaning you can get the max from your solar panels and hot water system for your money. All the controllers available to by from us at Stoves & Solar have clear, easy-to-read displays (and multi-lingual full text menus ‘built in’). Small, medium or large - which do you need?  Whether you want a Small Temperature Difference Controller for a simple solar energy system, a Medium Temperature Difference Controller, or something larger (for a complex system, where hot water is being supplied to multiple bathrooms shower, or other facilities; for solar storage; a solar with swimming pool solution; or even a solid fuel boiler with storage), Stoves & Solar can provide you with exactly the right Solar Controller to meet your specific needs. Still not quite sure which Sorel Solar Controller you need? Simply get in touch with one of our friendly team!

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