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Vented - Copper

Unvented - Stainless Steel

Thermal Stores - Mains Pressure


Stoves & Solar can offer you a range of solar-compatible hot water storage cylinders: a varied selection of different sizes and types, to meet your particular needs. Whichever cylinder you opt for, you can rest assured that it will be fully compliant with all the very latest legislation. Move away from gas, oil or electricity! Hot water cylinders with flexible controls, excellent heat retention and flow-rates – used with your solar thermal application - will allow you to store and quickly re-heat any hot water you create using solar power: clean, green energy that is renewable and can be generated all year round. You’ll also find our solar hot water cylinders brilliantly economical to run, meaning that your overall energy bills can be reduced (as well as your Carbon Footprint).  Compatible cylinders Your cylinder from us will be easy and quick to install, and will provide you with hot water quickly, whenever you need it (even if your property has multiple bathrooms or separate shower cubicles). Don't just buy any cylinder. For your solar energy solution purchased from Stoves & Solar to work at its best, investing in a hot water cylinder specifically designed to work in a fully compatible way with your chosen type of solar panels and other related equipment is without doubt the best option, if you want a highly effective and planet-friendly water heating system you can absolutely rely on. If in doubt as to which cylinder to buy, simply get in touch with the friendly team here at Stoves & Solar and we’ll be more than happy to help. About installation Knowing which volume of cylinder is most appropriate for your domestic or commercial property is something a qualified professional can best judge (find an installer approved by us at Stoves & Solar), but that's not to say you can’t purchase and install your cylinders yourself, if you so wish, of course (why not enrol on a training day?). Note: Planning Permission is not usually required, but - to be on the safe side - getting in touch with your Local Planning Authority before investing in and installing a solar thermal solution is always recommended.

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