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500 x 1500 245 litre thermal store
Dedicated Solar Volume (Vs): 80
Copper Grading Options: Grade 2 (15mtr Mwh) and Grade 3 (10mtr Mwh)
Coil Working Pressure (Indirect): 3.5 Bar
Insulation Thickness: 2x 25mm coatings as standard


The thermalstore unit provides hot water via a mixing valve at high pressure supplied direct from the mains water supply. Requiring only access to a cold water mains supply and a facility to overflow to the outside (direct from the combination units and from a header tank for cylinder units), the thermalstore unit can be located almost anywhere within the dwelling or business premise. Simple to install with no requirement for an unvented certificate, the thermalstore unit offers far greater flexibility than the traditional vented unit. All thermalstore units are supplied with immersion heater port (two on direct models), drain valve, expansion vessel.

Warranty: 2 Years

500x1500 Thermal Store

SKU: TS1500X500
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