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Complete Solar Thermal Kits for your Home, Business or Swimming Pool

Domestic Kits - you can also try our Kit Builder or Contact Us for more options

Swimming Pool Kits - you can also Contact Us for bespoke Swimming Pool kits and to find an installer

If you’re searching for a proven and hassle-free way to cut your energy bills, then look no further than solar energy. At Stoves & Solar - UK leaders in renewable technology - we can offer you a range of solar energy products for both room and water heating at competitive prices (we regularly review our prices to ensure great value). What’s more, we can even help with installation if you’d prefer that a qualified professional installed your panels and other solar equipment. DIY kits: Maybe you are into DIY and would like to have a go at installing your newly- purchased solar gear from us yourself? If so, take a look at our varied range of DIY Solar Installation Kits. The Stoves & Solar DIY solar thermal installation kit selection has been painstakingly devised to ensure that there is something there for every householder, with different budgets, cylinder sizes (and requirements), and roof facing directions etc all being considered and catered for. Kits for pros: For professional installers, there are plenty of Professional Solar Thermal Kits for Installers available to buy from us too (with all kits being customisable in our Kit Builder section). Evacuated tube panels, roof mounting straps, controllers, expansion vessels, pre-insulated pipe work, as well as pumpstations, antifreeze glycol concentrate, cylinders, insulation… in your chosen kit you’ll find everything you need, without the time-consuming inconvenience of having to scour the Internet or ‘bricks and mortar’ stores for necessary parts. Super-fast delivery: You’re a pro installer under pressure to fulfil an installation contract by a pressing deadline? We can help. Our online ordering system means you can purchase the equipment you need 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the UK. Also, If you install solar PV, solar thermal or wood burning stoves and would like to join the Stoves & Solar Network of installers, please visit our Trade Register page or contact us on e-mail

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