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1x Flate Plate Panel (Select Orientation)

2x Roof Integrating Fastening Bracket Sets (of 3) 

1x Wooden Stop Lath

1x In Roof Flashing Metal Set

1x 3/4inch Connection Set

1x Air Eliminator with Extension & Blanking Cap

3x Wood Screws


1x Sorel MTDCV5 Controller

1x Pumpstation (please select)

1x Twinsol Pipework (please select length)

1x Antifreeze 5litres

1x Discharge Vessel

1x Expansion Vessel 18litres

1x Spirovent De-aerator

1x Overvoltage Protection Unit

1x Bracket for Expansion Vessel

1x Connection Pipe for Expansion Vessel

2x DN16 Joiners

3x PT1000 Sensors

6x DN16/22mm Adapters

12x DN16 Back Nuts


On Roof Flat Plate Professional Solar Thermal Installation Kit


For Instructions please see Documents & Downloads page

1x Flat Plate In Roof Complete Solar Thermal Kit

£2,550.00 Regular Price
£2,040.00Sale Price
Sales Tax Included

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