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This kit is designed for a 10m x 25m Outdoor Swimming Pool (or up to 250m2 surface area)


Kit contains:

22x Navitron 5830AL Solar Thermal Panel

3x Heat Exchanger - 460k BTU Stainless Steel

22x Roof Mounting (Please Select)

1x Sorel LTDCV5 Controller

3x Pumpstation 

3x 10m Twinsol Pipework

2x Antifreeze 10litres

3x Discharge Vessel

3x Expansion Vessel 55litres

1x Spirovent De-aerator

3x Overvoltage Protection Unit

3x Bracket for Expansion Vessel

3x Connection Pipe for Expansion Vessel

6x 22mm Compression Elbows

18x 22mm Compression Joiner

2x DN16 Joiners

5x PT1000 Sensors

10x DN16/22mm Adapters

18x DN16 Back Nuts


This kit is indended to have 3 independently pumped banks of panels (2x7 & 1x8) into 3 heat exchangers

POOL KIT - Outdoor 10x25m

Sales Tax Included

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