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PRO-KIT5820 Includes:

1x Navitron 5820AL Solar Thermal Panel (select colour)

1x Sorel MTDCV5 Controller

1x Pumpstation (please select)

1x Twinsol Pipework (please select length)

1x Antifreeze 5litres

1x Discharge Vessel

1x Expansion Vessel 18litres

1x Spirovent De-aerator

1x Roof Mounting Kit

1x Overvoltage Protection Unit

1x Bracket for Expansion Vessel

1x Connection Pipe for Expansion Vessel

2x Roof Flashings

2x 22mm Compression Elbows

2x DN16 Joiners

3x PT1000 Sensors

6x DN16/22mm Adapters

12x DN16 Back Nuts


The Navitron Pro Kit is intended for high-spec installations. This kit is designed for the professional installer, where time is money - easier and quicker installation, professional finish and including optional extras required for MCS-compliance. Fast installation time is achieved by the use of flexible stainless steel duopipe, which is coupled directly to the  pump station without the need for heat/soldering. The single line pump station includes all the necessary ancillary components, and connects to the expansion vessel with a flexible stainless steel coupling. Roof water-tightness is achieved using the high temperature flashing kits provided The 58mm tubes provide 50% more heat than the equivalent number of 47mm tubes. This kit is recommended for cylinder sizes up to 250litres.


Whilst this kit has been pre-assembled, if you would like any variations, please try our Evacuated Tube Kit Building Page

PRO-KIT 5820 Complete Solar Thermal Kit

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