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305L - Unvented Stainless Steel Cylinder - Including sensor pockets

Nominal Capacity 305L
Auxiliary Capacity 230L
Element rating 1 x 3kw
Auxiliary Coil surface area 0.75m2
Solar Coil surface area 1.1m2
Weight (full) 371kg (empty) 66kg
Heat up Time 30mins
Reheat Time 22mins
Diameter - 574mm
Height - 2028mm


Includes Immersion heater rated @ 3kw, 240volt, single phase, incoloy 825, with thermostat with independent cut-out

Thermal insulation CFCHCFC free, (ODP zero), 60mm fire retardant insulation

Outer Casing grey plastisol

Inner Cylinder Duplex 2304L stainless steel

Corrugated high performance heating coils


- Indirect models with two coils designed for oil, gas or electric boiler auxiliary heat input

Indirect thermostat factory fitted twin thermostat with independent reset, 30-70degC

Safety Device factory fitted 7bar90degC pressure temperature relief valve


Solar Coil flow and return connections

Auxiliary coil flow and return connections

Temperature probe bosses

Secondary return


All cylinders are pressure tested to 10.5bar, no anode required, Beab, KIWA, WRAA, WRC and Benchmark approved 5 year guarantee available on all components except immersion heater and cylinder thermostat (which carry a 2 year guarantee)


Also Included:

Safety Control Valves

- Pressure reducing valve 3 bar CW check valve and strainer.

- Expansion relief valve 6 bar

- Pressure Temperature relief valve 7 bar90degC factory fitted

- 15 x 22mm Tundish with compression fittings

- Indirect model twin thermostat 30-70degC


Expansion Vessel - 12litre


Warranty: 25 Years Extendable. Requires Annual Service

Unvented Stainless Steel Cylinder

Sales Tax Included

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