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Rated Output: BTU 460,000
KW: 134.7
Filter Secondary Flow: gpm 103 M3hr 39
Boiler Primary Flow: gpm 38 m3hr 10
Primary Water Design Flow Temperature: degC 82
Primary Water Design Return Temperature: degC 71
Primary Head Loss: ft 5 mb 150

Width: mm 220
Length: mm 775
Depth: mm 140
P Primary Connections BSP Male Thread: In 1?
S Secondary Connections BSP Male Thread: Ins 1.5?
Weight: Kg 17.5


Swimming pools that utilise chlorine for water purification cannot be connected directly to solar panels - this is because chlorine can attack copper. The solution is to fit a stainless steel heat exchanger. These are available in various sizes up to 460 000 btu. For solar use, heat exchangers should be rated at least one size larger than for a conventional heat source. Pipe fittings are 1 bsp on solar/boiler input and output and 1.5 bsp on pool connections. Both connections are male fittings. They should be fitted downstream of the pool pump filter unit.

460,000BTU Heat Exchanger

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