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The 3-port motor-driven valve VA33 is used in solar and heating systems, in which smaller parts of systems can be separately controlled or single equipment can be switched on or off. 



Compact size, modern design, insulated actuator housing. Simple manual operation for commissioning or emergency operation. Electrical universal connection by integrated relay. The control is effected by an on-off contact. The limit switch signal output can be used for control purposes (max. 1 A). Position of the ball valve is visible with the indicator flag (white). The actuator can be quickly replaced without disassembly of the valve. No flow reduction, full flow according to the versions DN20-DN32.


Medium: water with max. 50 % glycol, max. 30% ethanol
Ingress protection: IP 44
Ambient temperature: 1 … 60 °C
Maximum operation temperature: 5 … 80 °C (short-term 90 °C)
Max. operating pressure: 10 bar (1,0 MPa)
Max. differential pressure: 1 bar (100 kPa)
Leakage: < 0,1% of Kvs at 1 bar (100 kPa)
Angle of rotation: 60°/360°
housing: brass EN 12165 CW617N
internal parts / spindle: PPS composite
Actuation time: 8 s (60°)
Connection thread: IG Rp ¾", 1", 1¼"
Actuator: 230 V~, 50 Hz
Control: 2-point signal (on/off)
Cable: 3 x 0,75 mm² (insulation: PVC)

Resol VA33 3-port Valve

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