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Solardek Flashings - Flexible lead square with rubber pipework adapter for x2 pipe entry/exit points. 50 x 41cm each Solardek is a speciality flashing designed specifically for flashing solar panels on both tile and slate roofs. Using solardek is a more professional-looking method of sealing holes, necessary for passing pipes through roofing material.On tile roofs solardek combines the quality polymer dektite with a malleable nu-lead base. The nu-lead is covered in a unique acrylic primer coating, acrylead, which prevents the lead leaching oxides. This stops corrosion, staining and makes handling much safer for installers. The nu-lead is easily painted to match any roof colour using conventional acrylic paint. It will not stain or corrode high grade, long-life polymer.

Solar Flashing for Slates or Tiles

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