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Navitron x20 Tube 58mm Evacuated Tube Solar Panel Slimline 20 tube solar panel - high efficiency 58mm double wall evacuated tube solar collector

includes: 20 bottom rail mounted tube cups, 1 tube of heat conducting paste, 2 side rails, 1 bottom rail and 1 set of nuts, bolts and washers for assembly


Panel dims: 1980 x 1625 x 100mm

Weight: 75kgs

Panel Area: 3.22m2

Aperture Area: 1.876m2

n0 = 0.654

Heat Loss Coefficient a1: 1.494, a2: 0.012

Peak (W): 1210

K5OT: 1.78,

K5OL: 0.92

Solar Keymark No.: 011-7S2378 R


Tube Length: 1.8m

Width of absorber (internal glass tube): 45mm

Casing Material: Aluminium

Filling Volume: 1.2l  

Width of EntryExit Pipe: 22mm

Thickness of Collector insulating material: 65mm

Heat Transfer Medium: Water mixed with 40% Glycol antifreeze



1. The application of our patented technology improves heat efficiency.

2. Metal-glass evacuated tubes with heat pipe provide 10% higher efficiency solar collection than normal all-glass tubes.

3. Show high performance even in winter and under cloudy skies.

4. Collectors may be connected inseries to increase water heating capacity.

5. Copper heat pipes for rapid heat transfer.

6. Corrosion resistant silver brazed copper header.

7. Glass wool insulation for better heat retention.

8. Easy installation for mounting on the roof or at ground level.

9. Tubes areeasy and inexpensivetoreplace if broken.

10. Ideal for commercial solar water heating applications, especially suitable for largeprojects.

11. Maintenance free.


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Navitron 5820AL Solar Thermal Panel

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