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Why Wood Burning Stoves are the Green Choice

People across the UK are looking to find ways to cut down their carbon footprints and bring more energy efficient products into their lives. This is something we fully advocate at Stoves & Solar and are delighted to see more and more people prioritising in their lives.

One of the most popular ways of doing this is with a wood burning stove. Sometimes referred to as a log burner, these items not only provide an ornate, intimate charm to a living room, but when installed and designed correctly, they can also be extremely energy efficient.

For starters, a wood burning stove doesn’t require power or electricity, but is extremely effective at converting fuel into heat. This is exactly what you want to hear as a home owner, as heat can be quickly generated and rooms warmed up with ease.

How do Wood Burning Stoves work?

We are fans of Burley’s range of wood burning stoves. These feature Thornhill Thermal Technology and are a highly effective way of creating and making the most of the heat and energy on offer.

This type of stove comprises a three part combustion process. The first stage sees wood burnt at lower temperatures to produce creosote gas, which holds 60% of the wood’s potential energy. This is often lost, but if the stove’s combustion chamber is correctly insulated and the right amount of oxygen is introduced, this creosote spontaneously combusts.

The introduction of this oxygen is very important, and the Burley range uses a system called The Cyclone TM. This channels air into the chamber and ensures the right amount of oxygen is used.

The third stage sees carbon, charcoal and ash burnt, which contains lots of energy and provides a long rate of heat. Additionally, the stove can convert as much as 100kg of wood into just a pint of ash.

Environmental benefits

Energy produced by wood burning stoves is carbon neutral, and using a wood stove as a heat source can help you to reduce your carbon footprint by as much as 14%. Additionally, having an ecofan with your wood burning stove can help spread heat around the home quickly and efficiently. These adjust their speed according to the stove’s temperature and help spread warmth around a home with ease.

Additionally, any heat produced using a wood burning stove is not produced by an energy supplier, so your household bills can be quickly reduced.

And these stoves look great in a domestic space. They can provide a real hub for a home, while also delivering the desired levels of environmental efficiency.

At Stoves & Solar, we offer a host of wood burning stove accessories. These include fans, cleaners, pumps and parts. We also offer spare parts for the Burley Fireball – one of the most popular wood burning stoves on the market.

Our team of experts at Stoves & Solar are more than happy to assist with any queries you may have and offer their support.

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