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Making Your Business Green This Year!

If you’re a business owner and you’ve reached our website, the chances are you’ve been considering whether now is the time to embrace sustainable business practices and become part of the green economy.

It’s a decision we encourage businesses across the country to consider making, and it’s great to see more and more doing so.

There’s no reason why, in 2022, your company can’t become a green business.

At Stoves & Solar, we have helped many companies consider their options and enhance their environmental performance. So if you’re interested in making 2022 the year your business goes green, read on.

Why become a green business

Each business owner will likely have their own reasons behind considering embracing the green economy. And there are a range of reasons why making such a move is worthwhile.

First and foremost, environmental concerns are a factor across modern society – and rightly so. Today’s headlines are dotted with mentions of pollution, global warming and the depletion of natural resources. These are obviously huge problems that may feel somewhat beyond the four walls of your business. But by adopting a green business mentality and filtering this throughout your company, there’s a chance to make a difference and contribute in your own way to the wider green economy.

Many business owners will also have seen an increasing environmental element to the rules and regulations that govern their industries.

Given the increased societal focus on environmental sustainability therefore, going green with your business is a wise move.

How to become a green business

There are a host of ways you can change the culture and processes of your company to become a green business.

These extend from employee culture all the way through to the adoption of commercial renewable energy systems.

On the culture side, initiatives like ride to work schemes, adopting LED lighting, reducing paper usage and even changing the food options in your cafeteria can have a positive impact on your business’s carbon footprint.

There are also plenty of infrastructure decisions that business owners can make to help turn the running of a green company a reality.

Utilising the capabilities of industry-leading technologies such as solar photovoltaic panels, hot water systems and even off-grid systems can help lower your business’s carbon footprint and use of resources. There’s a chance to embrace natural sources of renewable energy in a very real way.

Commercial solar panels are a superb way to get the ball rolling when looking to become a green business. Their benefits cover everything from heating water through to providing additional sources of energy. Solar panels for businesses can also help save cash over the longer term due to lower energy bills.

One way to truly embrace the green business culture is introducing a larger renewable energy system to your premises. These can be comprised of many facets and complimenting elements, giving your business the chance to embrace sustainable energy and reduce its collective environmental impact.

What businesses are suited to the green economy?

There’s no reason why every company can’t look to adopt green business practices and a sustainability-oriented mentality. We’ve worked with customers from a wide range of commercial businesses across a selection of sectors – all with the aim of allowing more and more green businesses to flourish.

Even on a basic level, commercial premises such as factories, storage units and offices are ideal for placing solar panels on top of thanks to their easy access to direct sunlight. This applies to a wide selection of manufacturers, retailers, and public facilities.

But there are plenty of other types of business owners that can benefit. Are you a landlord? A property developer? An architect? There’s no reason not to consider how sustainable energy sources can benefit what you do.

Equally, farmers and those working in agriculture can adopt solar technology and take advantage of mother nature in a whole other way.

There really is no reason why every business out there can’t become an environmentally-friendly company.

How can Stoves & Solar help?

At Stoves & Solar, we take a structured, customer-friendly approach to enhancing your business’s operations from an environmental perspective. We offer a complete, turnkey service that sees us collaborate closely with commercial customers. Our service covers everything from finance and planning, all the way through to installation and support.

Once engaged with a commercial customer looking to adopt green practices, Stoves & Solar kicks things off with a site assessment and economic evaluation. This is where we analyse your situation and give an estimate on the kind of returns you can expect.

We then cover the financial modelling, tariff analysis, obtaining investment and permission side of things, before moving onto the design process.

Here, we look at the specifics of your business needs and pin down exactly which renewable energy solution will bring the biggest benefits to your business. We prioritise energy production and cost savings here.

Once everything is set and ready, the installation process can commence. Stoves & Solar has carried out plenty of high-profile projects over the years, and we can handle everything that falls under the installation bracket. This includes logistics, construction, utility connections and the feed-in tariff process.

Additionally, we offer a full operation and maintenance programme.

It’s all about working together to get more green businesses operating in an environmentally-friendly way.

If you want to join the green economy in 2019, it’s easy to get the ball rolling. You can find an installer today, or get a quick quote now.

To get in touch with the Stoves & Solar team, drop us an email on sales@Stoves & We’d be delighted to hear from you and help you take the required steps towards becoming a truly green business.

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