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Stoves & Solar’s top energy saving tips for homeowners

A couple sit in their new home with a dog.

Owning your own house is a life target for most people. That day when you get the keys and enter a home you can call your own is a truly special day.

With the government recently announcing the return of 95% LTV mortgages, there could well be more and more people realising this dream in the near future.

But once that initial thrill has worn off, the realities of running your own home soon become clear. As well as mortgage payments, there are also a number of other outgoings to be mindful of. Things like energy bills, water bills and food all add up. The sheer scale of outgoings can soon be a major eye opener for those who are not truly ready for it.

One way to get prepared is to look to cut down on those outgoings, and energy saving is a great way to start. In the latest Stoves & Solar blog, we take a look at how homeowners can ensure they do not overspend on their energy and save money.

Energy saving and buying a home

Running a modern home naturally requires some significant energy. With all the gadgets we use, as well as things like lighting and heat, it’s natural that a significant energy supply is going to be needed.

That’s all well and good until you receive your electricity bills and heating bill. These can often see you doing a sharp intake of breath. The sheer scale of some utility bills today can make a big indent in your personal finances every month. But by taken a proactive approach to energy saving, it is possible to save money and help the environment.

At Stoves & Solar, we believe there are two main ways to truly conserve energy. The first is by reevaluating the appliances you use, and the second is by reevaluating the sources of energy you have.

Getting the right appliances

An energy saving lightbulb in a home

There are a number of appliances and tools that can be utilised to help you limit your energy usage and save money.

There are plenty of appliances that have been designed with exactly this in mind. Timed switches for example can be installed, allowing you to better control the lights in your home. Energy saving light bulbs and LED lights can be installed to reduce energy output. Smart meters and smart thermostats are another really useful way of staying on top of the amount of energy being used in your home.

There has also been a wealth of other energy-efficient products hitting the market in recent years. Energy-efficient washing machines and hot water tanks have entered the market and are well worth investing in.

You may not need to of course, particularly if buying a new home. Each home should have an energy efficient rating, which is something to consider if you are still in the buying or searching process.

Bringing in new power sources

Solar panels on the roof of a new home

While these energy-efficient appliances can be hugely advantageous, it’s important to look at how the energy your home is using is being generated.

Alternative energy sources such as solar panels that harness the sun’s energy can help to contribute to your overall energy amounts. They can also be used for energy-efficient hot water generation.

Items such as wood stoves can also be invested in to replace your usual heating methods with a more energy efficient approach.

By reviewing the sources of energy your home is using, it is possible to reduce your bills in the long run. Investing in an alternative power source can make a huge difference in the long run and quickly see you recoup your expenditure in energy costs.

Additional Steps

There are a number of other steps that can be taken to help make your home more energy efficient. This is a savvy move that can really help keep the internal atmosphere of your home more pleasant. They can see you turning to your heating less frequently and ultimately lower those all-important utility bills.

Many people choose to go for a cavity wall installation. This helps reduce heat loss and enable temperatures to remain at pleasant levels for longer.

Many also opt to draught proof their homes. This helps prevent cold air channels penetrating into different spaces, and again helps keep temperatures higher for longer. Things like draught excluders can be really good here.

And just getting into good habits can reap rewards. If you are leaving a room, turning off the lights off is a good thing to do. Over the course of time, small efforts like this can make a really big difference and cut pounds off your energy bills.

The benefits of switching to green energy

A plant in a lightbulb signifying green energy

Finding green alternatives to the normal energy sources in your home is a great way to change your domestic practices for the better. Once your new solution is in place, it’s possible to save energy and money and feel good about doing it.

And what’s more, organisations such as the Energy Saving Trust and Greener Homes Grants have funds and loans available. These can be accessed by people who are embracing renewable heat, as well as using electric vehicles and participating in local low emissions schemes.

These are just some of the reasons to embrace renewable energy and save money for your home. Just think about what you could be spending that saved money on!

Shop for Green Energy Solutions at Stoves & Solar

We hope you have found these energy saving tips and advice useful. At Stoves & Solar, we are committed to providing the very best green energy solutions to the public. We want to help people embrace a more positive way of living.

Be sure to take a browse through all our technologies and the various products we have available and if you have any questions simply get in touch with the Stoves & Solar team.

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